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Complete Auto Care You Can Rely On

Your “check engine” light comes on. You get that feeling in your stomach that predicts an expensive auto repair that could take you off the road. It is a feeling every driver dreads.

But customers who put their trust in Walt’s Auto Service of Citrus Heights, CA have a different feeling. They get the peace of mind in knowing that they’ll be taken care of if anything should happen! They know that, in us, they have a professional repair and maintenance facility that finds the root cause of every automotive problem and keeps it from coming back, for good.

For more than 20 years, Walt’s Auto Service has been here for all our local clients; offering the most comprehensive auto care to be found in Citrus Heights. From brake repair to transmission work, engine checks to exhaust systems, and everything in between, Walt’s Auto Service takes steps to ensure a long life for your vehicle. We even do air conditioning, smog tests, tire replacement, and more!

In our local auto shop (renovated in 2015), we go above and beyond standard industry inspections and service to provide true assistance that lasts. Our expert staff will go over all the costs with you, tell you how long your vehicle will be worked on, and give you the helpful maintenance tips you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

To get the best in preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance, repairs, tune-ups, and more, call us today at Walt’s Auto Service, 916-721-7424. We’ll give you the personalized attention your vehicle deserves. 

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