Auto Repair in Citrus Heights, CA 

Walt’s Auto Service offers the best in automotive repairs and tune-ups for every type of foreign and domestic vehicle. We are proud to offer both regular maintenance services recommended by manufacturers as well as repairs for mechanical problems. Our ASE-certified technicians perform lube, oil, oil filter service, smog tests, fuel injection systems repairs, and carburetor repairs. Walt’s Auto Service is also officially certified by both NAPA and AAA and offers extensive warranty options for your peace of mind.

How to Know You Need Auto Repair

The owner's manual recommends maintenance at routine intervals, but some mechanical issues arise unpredictably from natural wear and tear. The illumination of the "check engine" light is a good sign that you need to go see a mechanic. Other signs include strange sounds, unusual fluctuation of the temperature and oil pressure gauges, or trouble starting and stopping the car. Try to pay attention to the details, like noises when the car turns on or if you have trouble starting the car after the vehicle has been parked for a prolonged period. These details will help our technicians identify the problem even faster. To serve you best, we provide every level of professional service—from minor repairs to major overhauls—and the maintenance options that go with them.

If those services are still not what you need, our staff can provide the following:

  • Computer Control Services
  • Extended Warranty Repairs
  • STAR/Consumer Assistance Program
  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Private Fleet Service

Call Walt’s Auto Service today at 916-721-7424 and let us perform the preventative and regularly-scheduled services your vehicle needs to drive in top condition.