5 Signs That Brakes Need Checking

A car will show signs of needing auto repair. For example, when brakes begin to wear out, the vehicle will exhibit specific symptoms that let the driver know a problem is developing. Watching and listening for signs will help avoid potentially more serious issues.

Dashboard Light Illumination

Most cars are equipped with a sensor that goes off when it is time for maintenance. An illuminated brake light on the dashboard indicates that a mechanic should inspect the car.

Abnormal Sounds

Several sounds could suggest a problem. The vehicle may begin squeaking, squealing, grinding, or clicking when applying the brakes. These sounds usually occur when the pads have been worn to the point of metal touching metal.

Altered Car Response

After touching the brake pedal, the automobile may respond in tell-tale fashion. A driver might notice unusual grabbing or vibration that could suggest problems.

Lack of Control

When brakes begin to wear, it may be harder to control the vehicle. Sometimes a car will start to pull to one side because of unevenly worn linings or issues with fluid levels.

Brake Pedal Difficulty

The brake pedal might change position in the car, becoming lower. The pedal may also become difficult to press.

If these signs appear, a driver should immediately seek a mechanic for auto repair.