Image: A fleet driver loading boxes. Learn about Walt’s Auto Service’s fleet maintenance offerings.

Why Good Fleet Maintenance Is Critical To Your Business

A good fleet maintenance plan makes you proactive, so you’re never left high and dry with vehicles that don’t work, or wasting budget if what started as a small issue becomes a bigger problem.

Good fleet management is especially important in today’s world when being able to move products efficiently is absolutely vital. Delivery has seen a huge uptick through the COVID-19 crisis, especially if you’re delivering essentials. You and your community need your fleet to be reliable.

How Proactive Fleet Maintenance Helps Your Business

Control Costs

Good fleet maintenance is an important part of helping your business save money, especially in a time of economic hardship when controlling costs has become vital for many companies. The cost associated with a vehicle breaking down, rerouting deliveries, and repairing major issues, can be avoided with regular preventative maintenance designed to keep your entire fleet in working order. Ultimately, this proactivity saves your business money in the long run.

Decrease Downtime

Vehicle downtime impacts your efficiency and ultimately cuts into your bottom line. By working with Walt’s Auto Service for regular inspections and preventative maintenance, you can prevent issues that cause downtime in the first place.

Save On Fuel

Vehicles that are well-maintained are more fuel-efficient. Regular maintenance should include changing out oil and fuel filters, as well as tire and wheel upkeep. According to Automotive Fleet, proper maintenance can improve fuel economy by as much as 40%.

Improve Safety

The primary goal of a strong fleet maintenance program is safety. Regular maintenance helps to prevent safety issues that endanger your team and can raise legal issues. By ensuring your fleet is well maintained, and that your vehicles’ tires, brakes, and coupling devices are all in ship shape, you can make your team and your business safer.

Meet Compliance Regulations

Regular vehicle maintenance checks must be performed to ensure your vehicles are safe and meet any applicable compliance standards. Any vehicle you use for your business must be inspected and maintained regularly. 

By making Walt’s Auto Services part of your fleet management plan, you can ensure that your vehicles are always well-maintained and in compliance.

Maintain Your Good Reputation

Fleet maintenance can be as important for your customer service as it is for your bottom line. Especially in uncertain times, customers are looking for reliability when they shop. If your vehicles are well-maintained, you are able to provide reliable, regular service to everyone you work with. Vehicle reliability is your reliability, which serves to bolster and maintain your good reputation!

Regular fleet maintenance is absolutely essential to businesses, especially in times of crisis. Walt’s Auto Service will make sure your fleet is in top shape with regular preventative maintenance, oil changes, smog tests, alignment, mechanical services, and other critical vehicle maintenance. While you keep services going to your community, we’ll keep your vehicles running smoothly. Learn about Walt’s Auto’s fleet maintenance program.