A food truck open for business in a parking lot. Invest in food truck maintenance.

4 Reasons Food Truck Maintenance Is Worth The Investment

It can be tempting to save some money by skipping on preventative maintenance for your food truck, but investing in routine tune-ups now is important and will help you avert disaster in the long run. You rely on your truck for your livelihood, it’s important to make sure it’s in great working order! 

Discover four real benefits to developing a maintenance plan for your food truck.

How Preventative Food Truck Maintenance Pays Off

Prevent Costly Breakdowns Later

Investing in preventative food truck maintenance can help you make sure everything is in great working condition to prevent costly breakdowns later. When you bring your truck in for repairs, it’s important to have key components checked out:

  • New Tires: Your tires need to be replaced as they wear out to prevent a flat or a blowout.
  • Air and Oil Filters: Having the filters checked and changed regularly can prevent issues and make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Replace Worn-Out Brake Pads: Beyond your own safety, screeching brakes sound terrible and can be off-putting for customers.
  • Check The Battery: The last thing you need when you’re on your way to a big event is a dead battery! 
  • Windshield & Wipers: Check for and repair any cracks to prevent them from growing, and make sure your wipers are replaced seasonally. 

Spot Problems Before They Happen

By going in for regular maintenance your mechanic can spot things that are beginning to go wrong to fix them proactively. This helps you from missing an event and prevents downtime that would impact your income!


Your truck itself is the heart of your company’s brand! Investing in food truck maintenance ensures it appears polished and professional. Investing in a great appearance for your truck helps you look more reputable so you can make sales. 

Prepare For Seasonal Changes

Preventative maintenance can help make sure your truck is always ready for next season. Taking the time to do repairs in summer when folks are out and about and eager to buy can cost you business. By stopping in to see your mechanic regularly, you can make sure you’re always ready for whatever the weather throws at you. This should include new wipers and tires in the winter, and making sure your AC is in tip top shape before summer hits.

Get the most mileage possible out of your truck with a great food truck maintenance plan. To get a quote and learn more about how maintenance can help your truck and your business, get in touch with the professionals at Walt’s Auto. Let’s chat.