fall maintenance tips

Four Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Car

It’s almost time to throw in the beach towel and break out the sweater, as summer is ending and fall is just around the corner! But a change in wardrobe can only mean a change in driving conditions as well! With temperatures dropping and an increase in rain, it’s important to make sure your car is in tip-top shape! Drive with confidence this season with these four fall maintenance tips for your car.

Replace your windshield wipers

Little do we notice, but the hot summer heat speeds up the wear and tear of our windshield wipers. How do you know if yours are sun-damaged and in need of replacement? Check to see if they streak, leave large amounts of moisture, or even “chatter” across your windshield. If they do, then it’s time to make the replacement before the first rain! Don’t stress though, the fix is relatively easy. Just come visit us at Walt’s Auto and we’ll take care of the rest!

Check your coolant fluids

With the weather getting cooler, it’s important to make sure your coolant is topped off and ready to go, as it can sometimes thicken when the temperature drops. This can cause overheating, which can be signaled by an unusual smell, a high-temperature gauge, or steam coming from the hood of your car. 

Please note: Never open caps on coolant or radiator on a vehicle right after driving or what’s called a “hot” engine. Coolant can be ejected and burn or even lead to a cracked engine block, so it’s best to have it checked by a professional! Avoid the worry of overheating by bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance.

Get your tires inspected

A drop in temperature often leads to a drop in tire pressure, as well as changes in road conditions. Making sure your tires are balanced and have good tread are crucial as the weather changes and road conditions worsen. Keep an eye out for signs that your tires are low: feelings of vibrations or even a change in fuel efficiency. And take a quick look as you get in and out of your car! Are the tires noticeably different? At Walt’s Auto, we can inspect your tires so that you’re best prepared for the new season.

Double-check your brakes

Last but certainly not least, have your brakes checked by a professional at the start of the season! You might not notice they’re getting thin, but you don’t want to slide all over the road in the rain without your brakes to back you up. Usually, there are preventative signs of faulty brakes. These can include squeaking or grinding noises, vibrations, a change in resistance in the brake pedal, or pulling.  Drive safer and smarter this season with a quick brake inspection from one of our experienced technicians.

We want you to be safe and prepared for anything this season. Our team can check the safety of your vehicle with these fall maintenance tips and more at a routine inspection or oil change! Call us or schedule an appointment online and get your car ready for fall.