How to Reduce the Chance of Tire Blowouts

Car accidents related to tire blowouts can cause serious damage that often necessitates auto repairs. This unfortunate occurrence is a result of factors both in and out of the hands of the driver, like underinflated tires or dangerous debris on the road. It’s important, then, for vehicle owners to keep in mind what actions they can take to ensure their risk of tire blowout is minimal.

Stick to a Schedule

An essential part of every car owner’s life is keeping up a schedule of regular maintenance in order to ensure safe travel. Part of this includes taking care of the vehicle’s tires in the following ways:

  • Tire rotation
  • Inspection for cracks or wear
  • Proper replacement

When taken to an auto repair shop, drivers should make sure that these actions have been taken according to the recommended schedule in their vehicle’s manual.

Preventative Measures

On a daily basis, drivers can take small steps to reduce their risk of a tire blowout. Tire pressure should be checked every time before driving the vehicle. If the pressure is below the recommended PSI, the tire should be inflated to its proper level. Drivers should also be mindful of the recommended load bearing threshold of their tires. If unsure of the load limit or unable to find it on the tire, a professional mechanic at an auto repair shop should know.

Mind the Road

Of course, even if a driver has done everything within their power to ensure that their vehicle is road ready, that doesn’t mean the road is ready for them. An essential part of driving is paying close attention to the road. This applies, of course, to taking care of the vehicle’s tires. Drivers should always be looking for potholes, road debris, or any other irregularity in their path. One helpful tip for inner city driving is to take the same route every time so that drivers can be familiar with obstructions.

In the event of a tire blowout, motorists should seek our auto repair shop for replacement and inspection of the other tires.