Summer Auto Repair

Get Summer Ready with These Top 7 Auto Repair Tips

Now that your spring cleaning is out of the way, it’s time to get your car summer ready for your upcoming travels. Your vehicle needs a thorough inspection to ensure it’s in excellent shape to take on the summer heat and long hours on the road. Get a step ahead with these top seven summer automotive repair tips below.

Tip #1 Tires

Your tires are essential and neglecting them is unsafe, especially if you are frequently traveling.  Check for tire pressure, tread life, and uneven wearing. Rotate your tires about every 6 months. Read your owner’s manual for the recommended schedule.

Tip #2 Oil Change

Routine oil and filter changes are essential to your vehicle’s longevity and safety. It is recommended to change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every 6 months. Old or dirty filters will reduce your vehicle’s efficiency and gas mileage.

Tip #3 Brake Check 1,2,1,2

Sitting on the side of the road in the sweltering heat is the worst. Minor break issues need to be tended to right away. Take your vehicle in for a brake check and set a consistent schedule. It’s recommended to replace your brakes after 50,000 miles.

Tip #4 Coolant System

Overheating is one of the most common problems in the summertime. Make sure to check the level of coolant fluid and inspect the hoses, leaks, and reservoir. Your radiator works harder during the summer heat and the coolant protects against corrosion and lubricates your water pump.

Tip #5 Air-Conditioning System

Air-conditioning is essential, especially in the heat of the summer. If you are having issues with your AC, our team of automotive experts will examine your air-conditioning system and make sure it’s running smoothly, so you can enjoy the cool air while you take on your summer adventures.

Tip #6 Windshield Wipers

Ah.. a clear windshield is great for visibility, but a dirty windshield makes it difficult to see, especially when the sun is hitting it directly while you are driving. Replace your windshield wipers every six months. Inspect the blades for cracks and wear and check your car’s windshield washer fluid.

Tip #7 Battery Test

Make sure to get your car battery tested so you don’t get stuck on the side of the road. After three to five years, it’s usually time to replace your car’s battery. It’s important to do a routine check, so you know before it’s too late.

Get your vehicle ready to take on the summer heat. Contact us today with your summer auto repair questions or schedule a service appointment before you take on the road to your fun family adventures.