Your Car May Be Idle, But It Still Needs Care

With Walt’s, it is not lip service, it’s stellar auto service, now delivered straight to your door.

It may seem many of us are asking less of our cars with less frequent or non-existent commutes. However, the truth is the sweltering summer months quickly affect your engine fluids and gas, paired with activities like idling in drive-thrus, can be quite a drain on our beloved vehicles. Your car’s need for care won’t wait. Maintaining your vehicle now is the proven preventative way to avoid those bigger repair bills down the road.

How Walt’s can help:

We Do The Driving For You

We can provide pickup and delivery of your vehicle, so you never have to leave home to get your car the care it needs. It’s like having a mechanic at your fingertips, without giving up your garage.

We Cater To Your Schedule 

It doesn’t matter if you are booked up in meetings, managing at home learning or are still busy at the office, we make your auto service happen in the background. Our delivery service opens up your schedule rather than adding another “to-do”. 

We Save You Money Down The Road

You’ve heard it many times, but we all know it is true: regular maintenance saves money on costly repairs in the future.  And, should you currently need repairs, Walt’s takes the time to explain every job, and always provides you with an estimate in advance, whether from afar or in person.

Let Us Take The Worry Out Of Car Care For You

Walt’s has been helping car owners for 35 years. Call us at 916-721-7424 to book an appointment today. Have questions? Get in touch with the professionals at Walt’s Auto. We’re here to answer your questions.