When you need a smog inspection at a STAR station and where you can have any problem fixed to pass inspection.


At Walt's Auto Service, the smog test process is simple, starting with vehicle identification. Then, with an exhaust probe placed on the tailpipe, we perform an Accelerated Simulated Mode (ASM) Emission Test or a two-speed idle test, ODB 2 testing on 2000 or newer vehicles. That phase is followed by a visual inspection and functional test application. As a STAR facility that also offers a range of vehicle maintenance and repair services, we are the place to go in in Central Heights.

STAR Facility Maintenance

If your DMV renewal notice says that you need a smog inspection at a STAR station, then come to Walt's Auto Service! Some facilities are smog tests only centers but are unable to do any repairs. Walt's is a one-stop shop where you can have any problem fixed to pass inspection. As a STAR station, we are designated by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs (BAR) as a facility that can reliably handle your emissions test.

Brake Inspection

Your brakes wear as you use them. That's why it's important to get them inspected every 6,000 miles, or if the “dash brake” light is on. When performing a brake inspection, we will remove the wheels to inspect and recommend needed repairs. We can diagnose any problem with your ABS. Failure to take action on worn brakes can lead to disintegrated pads, damaged brake rotors, and drums, or even brake failure!

Recreational Vehicle Repairs

Recreational vehicles provide days of fun and entertainment to travelers and families. But keeping them running smoothly can be a challenge for many owners. That is why Walt’s Auto Service offers the most comprehensive (major and minor) RV repairs in the industry. Mechanical repairs include engine and transmission replacement, engine repairs, tires, brakes, suspension repairs, cooling system repairs, batteries and battery service, lube, oil, oil filter services, diagnostic service on check engine lights, and so much more.

Tire Rotation

We recommend tire rotation every other lube, oil, and filter service or 6,000 miles to get the most life out of your wheels. Our techs are fast, friendly, and will get the job done efficiently. Regular tire rotation helps the treads wear more evenly, resulting in longer-lasting tires, better vehicle performance, and better gas mileage. Learn more about our routine maintenance services.


Walt’s Auto Service is a family-owned and operated company whose business has grown by word-of-mouth referrals.

Mike Coltharp

I called in for Walts to check my brakes just before a holiday trip. They squeezed me in so I could take my family on a trip and ensure we would be safe.

Glenda Alexander

I love this place. The guys are very informative and go the extra mile. I've been coming here forever, so nice not to have to go to the dealers.

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