Thank you for your support.

We Are Grateful For Your Support!

At Walt’s Auto Service, we have a lot to be thankful for, and we have so many people to thank for their help and dedication. We are delighted to be part of an inspiring community that works together, especially during this year of change and uncertainty. 

First, a huge thank you to our employees for their steadfast dedication and commitment. Thank you for all your support, positivity, and strength you have shared during this challenging year. We wouldn’t be able to live out our passion without you.

It’s been a pleasure to see our Citrus Heights community pull together as an extended family, embracing each day by moving forward and being there for one another. We want to express our appreciation by recognizing all the unique ways you have made a difference this year. Also, we want to thank the Citrus Heights Rotary Club for their continued support and assistance. 

Thank you to our customers for your patience and loyalty during the many transitions required to keep everyone safe this year. We are thankful for you and have enjoyed serving and assisting you with your automotive needs, and we look forward to helping you in the near future. 

It’s our goal to continue to support each other and grow together through this ever-changing world. We wish you all a joyous holiday filled with abundance and beautiful moments to preserve and cherish. Happy Holidays!