Image: A car’s air conditioner vent. Find out why your AC is broken and locate a car ac repair shop.

Why Is My Car AC Broken? Top 4 Reasons

It’s happened to all of us. You’re running to work in the morning, jump in the car and crank the AC, only to be met with a face full of hot air, or worse, a funky smell or no air at all. Being proactive about the signs that your AC is about to go out, and what could be causing it, can save you a lot of suffering this summer. 

Learn the top 4 reasons your AC isn’t working, and how Walt’s Auto can help you repair them.

Why Your Car AC Isn’t Working And How To Repair It

#1: Refrigerant Leak

Your car’s air conditioner will become less effective over time. This is due to the refrigerant, or coolant, used in your car naturally running low. If you’re greeted by a blast of warm air or a funky smell when you turn on your air conditioner, you may have a refrigerant leak. 

It’s important to get this fixed by a professional, as taking shortcuts like reusing old refrigerant improperly or the wrong type could be dangerous.

#2: The Filter Needs To Be Changed

If your AC smells funny or has a low airflow, the filter could need to be changed. The placement of this filter will vary based on your car’s make and model. Checking the air filter is usually straightforward and will most likely be outlined in your car’s manual. If you’re still struggling, bring it into Walt’s!  

#3: The Blower Motor Is Out

If your blower motor needs to be repaired, the easiest way to tell is to try to run the heater instead. If both the heater and the air conditioner are running at a low airflow, this may be the cause. Conversely, if your car is also only running heat and AC at a high setting but not lower, this could also be the blower motor.

#4: Electrical Issues

If your car’s air conditioner is behaving erratically, inaccurately, or you’ve looked into other alternatives with no success, you could be dealing with an electrical issue. This includes damaged wires, blown fuses, or a broken temperature sensor among other potential issues. It’s important to have any potential electrical problems addressed right away, as ignoring it could cause dangerous acid buildup.

If your air conditioner is full of nothing but hot air this summer, bring your car into Walt’s Auto. We’ll run a full diagnostic test and repair anything that’s going on, so you can stay cool. Get in touch with Walt’s Auto to book your appointment!